Friday, March 6, 2009

Winter Fun

Believe it or not, camp stays busy all year! Living at camp in the winter was always a dream of mine as a little camper, and now here I am! It's beautiful, and filled with fun winter activities. This winter has been much colder than last winter, and the lake froze much faster. Simon and I would have been disappointed if we hadn't been able to experience a real Northern Michigan winter. Some highlights of this winter have included a "prehistoric man" camp with the Children's House Montessori School, a few dips in the lake, and the second Frozen Torch Snowshoe Race!

We were lucky enough to have another beautiful sunny day for the race this year, and had about 45 people participate. The course was 5K (or 3.1 miles), and wove through Camp Hayo-Went-Ha, and across the road up along the ridge to the fire tower, and then down Sunset Hill Road. At the highest point of the trail you could see frozen Torch Lake in all its glory! Everyone seemed to enjoy the challenging course- some people enjoyed it so much they raced around the loop twice to compete in out 10K division! Many familiar HWH faces came out for the event including Kevin Farron, John and Kelly Sporer, Brian Tremblay, Liz Ulrich (our 10K Women's champ!), Kim Tremblay, Phil Pickard, and Zach Goldstein. We sincerely thank everyone for the support and participation!

The Frozen Torch Snowshoe Race started last year, with the idea behind it being to get people outside and enjoying the beauty that camp and the outdoors has to offer. Hadley Robinson, Jodi Hamilton, and Jeremy Dicks, who created and worked hard to get the event off to a great start last year were missed! Hopefully the event will continue to grow and provide a great opportunity for winter fun to those surviving the winter here in Michigan!

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